Why You Should Take a Digital Break

While I found this 24/7 connectivity useful initially, after a while it felt more distracting than helpful. For example, when I’m online, I’d catch myself checking my emails, Twitter, Facebook, blog stats, etc., for updates every 10-15 minutes, even though I’m in the middle of other work.

The excessive connectivity has created false urgency where I feel the need to know what’s happening lest I miss something important. Not only that, the web is so vast that it’s easy to get lost in the surfing. In reading a site, one link leads to the next, and the next, and before I know it I’ve already spent a good chunk of time surfing sites that are not related to what I’m supposed to do. This would happen several times throughout the day.

It was counter-productive – While it seemed like i was very busy switching between checking/replying websites and doing my work, I wasn’t getting much done. Administrative and micro-work yes, but not the important stuff.
Quelle: Dump Little Man

Genau so geht es mir auch ! Mein Freund ist mitlerweile schon etwas angenervt, weil ich es nicht lassen kann, parallel zum TV-Schauen zu twittern…
Nun also weiterlesen, was fĂŒr Tips sie gibt, um eine digitale Auszeit zu nehmen.

Diese Seite (, die ich seit ca. 2 Wochen als RSS-Feed abonniert habe, gefÀllt mir immer besser. Dort sind viele wirklich interessante Artikel zu finden, die mich persönlich weiterbringen.