Was die Welt nicht braucht….

Obwohl, fĂŒr manche MĂ€nner ist das vielleicht ne interessante Geschichte 😉

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Das hier wiederum ist sehr interessant:
This Day In Tech
Was passierte heute vor xx Jahren im Bereich der Technologie.

Heute zB.:
1983: Sony startet den Verkauf von CD-Spielern.

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Und noch etwas interessantes zum Stöbern, und (wenn man mag) selbst mitmachen:
BBC Memoryshare
A place to share and explore memories
The BBC wants to build an open and collaborative approach with audiences in order to deliver programs built on audience participation. Memoryshare is a means for the BBC to connect with individuals who have stories to tell about their own lives, and gives everyone a simple tool to search and discover contemporary news and social history content.

The serious and the not-so-serious user can read or watch these memory snippets, research background events and tie in to context material even going back as far as January 1st 1900. You can search for memories against a particular day or event by using the search box.
Contributions apart, it is also a place for people to peep into the life events of others. Just like any other social media site, users can comment on the personal memoirs of others.
Hab mal bißchen reingeschaut – ich finds spannend. 🙂
Und die Optik ist toll gemacht.

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