Rejection Hotline

Zwar hauptsĂ€chlich fĂŒr die USA, aber trotzdem witzig: Telefonnummern, die man am Ende eines schlechten Dates rausgeben kann… Artikel bei
A bad date, we’ve all been there and have had our share of deal breakers. At the end of our wasted time, being polite is not at the top of the list. But do you really enjoy to be upfront and all the hassle that comes with it?

So what to do when they ask you for your phone number? It’s easy. Bite your tongue, smile, don’t argue, just give them a number, and hope they will never bother you again because you gave them a wrong number.
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ErwĂ€hnt werden auch zwei Services fĂŒr Deutschland, sind aber nicht sooo neu: Frank geht ran oder auch TelefonPaul. Kann man ĂŒbrigens auch gut in lĂ€stigen Formularen verwenden…